Ode to Electrical Tape


A workshop entitled ‘On Context and Situation’ with Camilla Wilson concerned artists who had critiqued the gallery/museum space. A group discussed what could be understood by site specific and situational art. We made a piece of work that was in direct response to the exhibition space at Dartmouth Avenue on Wednesday the 5th of February 2014.


Through discussion, I proposed the idea that we outline all the objects in the exhibition space to lend them some permanence. It seemed to me that the purpose of that particular room was that it is purposeless – the possibility that the room could be emptied or filled at any given time meant that it is a blank canvas, a husk, a shell.


Initially, I wanted us as a group to enter the space and covertly encircle the items with tape and have it as a guerrilla procedure; we would anonymously leave our mark. It would have a cheeky, playful air, and we managed to capture that essence through framing the articles whose silhouettes were immediately identifiable – those of umbrellas and tables.


The group actually ended up projecting the shadows of objects onto the floor and walls using two spotlights, relating to Michael Craig-Martin’s wall installations. From certain vantage points, the objects that were outlined would become visible.


Work by:

Camilla Wilson

Honor Carter

Vanessa Braun

Richard Chase

Abigail Payne

Nicolas Strappini

‘Light Specific’

Black Electrical Tape

Dimensions Variable
















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