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There was recently a beautiful exhibition on ‘SciArt’ (Art using, from and about Science) at my department (Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge). On 20th March 2018, to be precise. It was a beautiful dialogue, of sorts, between the realms of science and arts. From fractals representing self-similarity to ‘God’s Toolbox’, it was an interesting mix of installations and art-pieces. It looked into ways of producing art with the various elements and concepts in different realms of Physics and science. In this post, I would like to look into a selected list of exhibits that caught my attention.


‘Lissajous’by Nicolas Strappini (2017)

If you ever thought that old CRO machines are all that could make simple and yet beautiful Lissajous figures, have another thought about it! A steel horizontal mechanism makes Lissajous figures in sand, in this exhibit.


A source of motivation for these was apparently the work of the…

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