Microscopy, Kew


I found it interesting to contrast my experience of Kew with Brookes. Even though I refer to a talk given at Kew, here, I believe it also relevant to my time at Brookes .

At Kew, Gerhard Prenner discussed how the use of colour could be misleading for researchers and scientists how aesthetic choice may be misplaced in this field. I am sympathetic to the scientists who would not want to be distracted. I have encountered this attitude before, and read artist/scientist books that illustrate the feelings of the painter or illustrator trying to have their work taken seriously.
We must remember that even Aristotle worked qualitatively, not quantitively, and each new generation, when looking at his Researches, has been able to look at it even now and find something that gleams. Aristotle was discounted as a scientist due to his belief in spontaneous generation, and it is a shame his many other observations went unnoticed until he was unearthed.

I was interested in the sputter coating technique and that Oxford Brookes uses gold, Kew platinum. Platinum is generally supposed to be worth more than gold per ounce.