Gustave Metzger – Remember Nature Collaboration

Gustave Metzger – Remember Nature collaboration

I participated in a live-streaming event with Gustave Metzger for his Remember Nature project, a worldwide call for a ‘day of action’. It was an appeal for the widest possible participation from the world of the arts, addressing global issues such as extinction, climate change and environmental pollution.
I was excited to work with Metzger as I had referenced him frequently in my contextual studies folder for my undergraduate degree. His ‘Liquid Crystal Environment’ was influential to an installation I had produced for the opening of the ‘Commons’ building at University.
We were asked to cut out any images that bore reference to the theme of ‘Nature’ from a huge pile of Guardian newspapers, and put them on a wall at Central Saint Martins. I thought the piece was visually arresting, but problematic, as Metzger’s message seemed to be a call for raised awareness about environmental issues, but we were using copious amounts of paper for the piece, even though the paper would be recycled.