Arduino / Animation

I had a conversation with the person giving the animation workshop about different animation techniques. I was discussing how hand-drawn television animation may be ‘done on fours or fives’ – that is – one new drawing every four or five frames, whereas high-budget films might be done on ‘ones’ and ‘twos’. I have been thinking about starting a project where I rotoscope the motion of filmed ionising radiation. I would film the process, then trace the movement using hand-animation, then perhaps I could plot and analyse the movements. It would become a test of patience and endurance, and focus – being able to draw at least three new drawings a day. I wasn’t sure if this was the route I wanted to take, partly because I can imagine the end result, and it doesn’t excite me as much as it might. Could I incorporate a narrative, and introduce as many imaginative flourishes as I could fathom?
Working with Arduino was interesting, and it was extremely gratifying when everything was connected up and a light went on or something moved. This area is ripe with artistic potential. From Rod Seward’s alphabet project – his installation consisted of four units, each capable of displaying 26 letters with an arrangement of florescent lights. The piece displays an alogrithmically generated word sequence derived from a word association database… the algorithms take into accuont word meaning, rhyme, letter sequencing and association. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate Arduino at this stage into a project, however, because for me, there is no room for error.