Katie Paterson – Fragments


‘The Second Moon’ (above) is a piece in which Paterson brought together the cosmological and

the conceptual, the scientific and the poetic, the massive and the minute. She encourages her spectators to push their

imaginations to their outermost reaches, to contemplate the mysteries of their place in the universe. She is the artist

who transmitted Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the lunar surface and back; installed a live phone line from a gallery

to thegroaning depths of an Icelandic glacier; mapped the locations of the 27,000 dead stars that are known to

humanity (and continues to send a letter of condolence each time another one dies); took a grain of sand and got

nanotechnological experts to carve it to just 0.00005mm across before casting it loose in the deserts of the Sahara.

I see her work as inspiring, and wholly relevant to my practice.