Science Museum London, ‘Mysteries of the Unseen World’ – IMAX

Tuesday the 3rd of March, 2015

In “Mysteries of the Unseen World”, scientists make use of advanced technologies such as thermal imaging cameras, high-speed cameras, time-lapse photography and electron microscopes to reveal the hidden world around us. Among the many sights revealed are the infrared vision of a mosquito, a bullet in flight, the growth of a plant and the super-tiny structures on a butterfly’s wing. We can learn from nature in creating new exotic materials, such as water-repelling nano-coating and ultra-stiff graphene, and in devising life-changing inventions.

mysteriesof theunseenworld


The light that can be detected by the human eye in fact just constitutes a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. (above) Our lives would be drastically different if we could see the invisible light waves that surround us daily.


The ‘Nano World’