Science and art– Talking about a new art movement

Last Friday I headed over to the GV Art Gallery in London to check out their new and ambitiously titled show Art & Science: Merging Art and Science to Make a Revolutionary New Art Movement and hear a panel of bio-artists moderated by Arthur Miller discuss whether this is actually the case.

This evening proved to be a much-needed source of inspiration and challenge to what-I-thought was so. The art presented was an excellent overview of the different facets of the genere, ranging from Stelarc‘s performance art-cum-body modification to Oron Catts‘s famous pig wings (for sale!) to some gorgeous prints by Susan Aldworth. I highly recommend taking a look at this impressive little show to see work by some really talented and innovative artists working in scientists’ laboratories.

The main theme for the evening was a discussion of whether art and science were converging/hybridizing to form…

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