Brian Griffiths Artist

Griffiths seeks to transform mundane objects. He asks the viewer to make the leap that transforms the cardboard box into the spaceship. He turns disused tube station into an obstacle course – including heaps of sand, ladders and petrol barrels.

With his sculptural installation called ‘Life is a Laugh’ (2007) that only passengers on passing trains could see, he sought to tap into the character of his fleeting audience.

He is conscious of the transitional nature of the site and its occupants.

A piece I recently created was concerned, too, with the transitional nature of the space. I proposed a site-specific piece in which a group outlined all the objects placed in a particular room with black electrical tape to lend the objects permanence. It seemed that the whole function of the room was to remain ‘functionless’… (it is an exhibition room).

The humour of his work also stems from his construction of magical looking conceptual architecture using cumbersome, earthbound objects.

To contrast this with my own work, I sought to construct a light bulb using household objects… his ramshackle constructions from cardboard are familiar to my masking tape secured pieces.