Shadow Play Exhibition







1. Honor Carter

Acrylic hanging frame and fabric

2. Toby Hart

Oil on canvas

3. Eden Wey

Oil on canvas

4. Peter Palfi

Acrylic, live pigeon used

5. Harry Wilson

String, nightgowns

6. Nicolas Strappini

Black and white electrical tape

7. Liz Clarke


8. Emily Farrell

Cut paper, light

9. Jennifer Clarke

Wood, mixed media

10. Elizabeth Oxford

Paper, thread, watercolour and leaves

11. Adam Curtis

Oil on canvas

12. Tibor Cervenak

Oil on canvas

13. Ella Kenyon

Dust sheet, tape

14. Richard Andrew Chase


Putting things simply, as I always strive to do, I asked artists to create work relating to shadows and I also selected paintings I felt would portray the theme.

This chapel is often engorged by shadows during the day, and at night it is emptied.


Cervenak’s painting evokes the pared down nature of shadows, Curtis renders a well-known visage that from certain vantage points appears transformed. 

Palfi uses monochrome acrylic to mark the transient shadows of a doused pigeon. 

Hart and Wey portray almost silhouetted, indistinct and distinct figures respectively. 

Wilson hangs an antiquated nighty and pearls, which contrasts with Carter’s billowing fabric and Kenyon’s oscillating dust sheet.

Chase recreates the way shadows fall on plinths, and Strappini maps the shape of object’s shadows.

Farrell and Oxford use the subject of portraying distance using shadows in their sculptural works.

Jennifer Clarke seeks to present shadows as negative pace, as the absence of an object that is simultaneously present.

Elizabeth Clarke captures geometrical shadows and evocative imagery using photography.  


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